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What Do We Do Now?

You’re cooped up in the house, you’re bored, and the only outing you can justify is your weekly grocery shop – and that’s not even fun anymore; security guards staring you down as you enter the building, and employees following you around with cleaning products, sanitizing everything you look at. And then there’s social media – if it’s not an article about covid19, it’s a post complaining about people’s fear, greediness, or boredom. Everybody is either freaked out or not taking the pandemic seriously, and you’re stuck at home wondering when normal life is going to resume. What do we do now?

Take Care Of You

First things first; keep yourself and your family safe. Follow the guidelines your local leaders and authorities have put out – despite what Karen says on Facebook, they actually do know what they’re talking about. Avoid places where other people are unless you need something (as in groceries, pharmacy items, pet needs, etc.). Wash your hands frequently – as in whenever you touch something other people may have touched, whenever you touch your face, and of course whenever you go to the bathroom. Minimize physical contact with other people – I know this seems like a given right now, but some of us are still required to go into work, and you would be surprised how many people automatically go for a handshake without blinking. If somebody in your household falls sick, put that shit in lock down. Nobody in or out, everybody washes their hands constantly, and the house stays clean. Vitamins become the new snack and everybody is so hydrated that there’s a line up for the bathroom.

Find Things To Be Happy About

Try to understand – worrying isn’t going to slow this pandemic down. This situation really isn’t in our control – we can only control what we do, and there’s no sense in worrying about what everyone else does. So take this time to relax, bunker down at home, and do things that make you happy. Nap with your dogs, watch Disney movies and sing your heart out, whoop your SO’s ass in a board game, make your kid laugh, and call your parents to talk about nothing. Learn to enjoy the things you can do, instead of griping about the things you cant. If ever there was a time to be grateful for what you have, it’s now.

Reach Out

I have a few very extroverted people in my life, and I know this isolation is tough on them. I’m personally in heaven right now (being as introverted as they come), but some people may not be so down with this lack of socialization. To those people – pick up the phone. Call a friend, video chat with the person who has the cutest baby/dog, host a Netflix party, or do some virtual yoga with strangers. Face to face contact is hard to recreate, but we have to make do with what we have! Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to be alone.

Just remember Mama’s, this isn’t forever, but it is for now. One of the best things motherhood teaches us is how to adapt – and this is 100% the time to put those skills to good use. Don’t sit around counting down the minutes until this is over – find ways to enjoy your time at home with your family.

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