A woman is holding her baby, both are smiling.

My name is Tenille, and I’m a new mom to a beautiful little girl. I’m engaged to a super human being, and before I was a mom to my little girl, I was a mom to my two loving dogs and a cat who cheats on us.

I love being a mom. I love her tiny fingernails, I love her endless ability to blow spit bubbles, and I love watching this little person grow and change every day.

As ultra-amazing as mom-life is, it can also be really hard. The learning curve is nuts. This time last year, I didn’t know how to change a diaper, and the concept of breastfeeding absolutely baffled me. I’m proud to report that I’ve come a long way – my child is thriving and I haven’t gone insane yet.

Learning how to be a mom was, and still very much is, difficult. There’s so much information out there, and for me it’s overwhelming. Every time I google something the results are either drastic medical stories that feed my inner hypochondriac, or advice from a perfect model mom that makes me feel bad for not having my shit together. The best advice I receive comes from the moms in my life. Not the Instagram moms who look like they’ve never had a hard day in their lives, not the moms who have memorized every single parenting book on the market, but the real moms. The moms who have accidentally left the house with poop or puke smeared on their clothing, the moms who haven’t showered for four days, and the moms who have cried in the grocery store because they couldn’t find cream cheese. This blog is for the mom who’s looking for real advice. I’ll tell my real stories, I’ll share my real experiences, and I’ll make real recommendations. Real mom to real mom!