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To The Mom Who Worries

To the mom who worries she isn’t doing enough, it’s okay. If you didn’t get all the laundry folded, or you forgot to change the sheets again, it’s okay. If you haven’t walked the dog in over a week, or you’re serving leftovers for dinner again, it’s okay. The dust will keep, and nobody but yourself expects you to be perfect.

To the mom who worries about whether her baby is getting enough milk, it’s okay. Whether you’re laying awake at night wishing there was a way you could tell how much breast milk your child is getting, or if your heart sinks a little every time a bottle is left unfinished, it’s okay. If you’re constantly staring at the clock waiting for the next feed, or constantly Googling “how much milk should my baby be drinking,” it’s okay. Babies drink what they need, and your stress won’t help them out.

To the mom who worries about the growth of her child, it’s okay. If your friends’ babies are growing at a different pace, or if your baby hasn’t hit a growth spurt in a while, it’s okay. Whether you’re constantly searching up milestones and wondering if your baby is hitting them fast enough, or if your doctor told you your baby is in the 40th percentile, it’s okay. All babies grow at their own pace whether you worry or not.

To the mom who worries about keeping herself together, it’s okay. Whether you cry because you’ve just burnt your toast, or if you yelled a little too loud in rush hour traffic, it’s okay. If you can’t let go of how difficult and scary giving birth was, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks ahead of you, it’s okay. Motherhood is tough, and you don’t always have to have a smile on your face.

To the mom who worries, take a breath. It’s okay. In my entire life, I have never met a parent who didn’t worry over their child. We all do it. Some of us are better at hiding it, but the fact is that nobody walks through motherhood without at least a little bit of anxiety. Whether you’re worrying about your kid’s sleep habits, or how picky they are, or whether or not they’re happy; it’s natural. Don’t beat yourself up for worrying, and definitely don’t do it alone. You got this, Mama.

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