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How To Prepare For Coronavirus Without Being A Jerk

With corona virus polluting the news, it’s hard not to worry. Everyday, I’m hearing more and more stories about school closures, event cancellations, increased infection numbers, and of course – people panic buying WAY too much stuff. I’m not shy to say it – this toilet paper frenzy is ridiculous. I see people laughing about it all the time, but I can’t find the humor in it. It’s worrisome how quickly people succumb to panic and throw reason out the window. I’ve worried a lot about the possibility that people may start to clear out important items, and what me and my family might do then. So, I’ve thought a lot about what the important items are, and I’ve come up with a short list below. Before you read on, I want to say a couple things. First, every families needs are different. Do what is right for your family – just make sure logic and reason are involved. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Second – be realistic. Think of actual timelines, and math out how many supplies you really need. People who are stock piling ridiculous amounts of items DO NOT need nearly as much as they have, and they are taking valuable resources away from the rest of the community. In times of crisis (just like this, now) it is crucial that we don’t let panic cloud our judgement and tarnish our morals.

What You Should Be Buying For You

Realistically speaking, toilet paper isn’t what we need. In a pinch, if you have a rag and water – or even just water – you’ll be fine. Lack of toilet paper is definitely a first world problem. What we do need, though, are the things that would be difficult to recreate on our own – for example, pain killers. Advil and Tylenol should be an essential item in each household. Really most basic first aid items should always be stocked in your house (band-aids, gauze, polysporin, etc.). Having cold meds on hand is a good idea too as it IS flu season, and corona virus has many of the same symptoms. Another important item to think about stocking is non-perishable food items. Canned tuna is a really great source of fat and protein, and has some great essential nutrients as well. Some canned fruit and veggies are also a good idea. Canning food would be a super useful hobby to have right now! Basic hygiene is also very important – especially right now – so make sure you have soap at home. Hand sanitizer is great in a pinch, but it is a well known fact that nothing beats washing your hands (PROPERLY). Gloves and face masks aren’t necessary – just try not to touch your face, and wash frequently. Vitamins are also a good idea, but please – don’t be the person buying six bottles of vitamin C. Anything over the recommended daily dose isn’t going to make your immune system any stronger – it’s just going to make your pee bright yellow.

To sum up, among your regular groceries, think about having a REASONABLE stock of the following items; Advil, Tylenol, cold medication, first aid supplies, non perishable food items, anti-bacterial soap, and vitamins. If you live in a place that isn’t able to provide clean tap water, drinking water is also a smart buy.

What You Should Be Buying For Your Baby

Again, think of the things you can’t really do without when it comes to your baby. If you ran out of diapers, could you make do without? Probably – it would be tough, but we could rig something together if we had to. If you’re not prepared to make your own diapers, this is probably a good thing to stock up on. Formula, though, I would say is a necessity. I can’t speak for all parents out there, but I personally do not know how formula is made. I know I couldn’t recreate it on my own. Baby food is probably a good idea to have as well, even though it’s relatively easy to make your own at home. Think of how long you may not have access to a grocery store (and fresh produce) – it would be stressful and worrisome to run out of food for your little. Last but most definitely not least, for sure have a reasonable stock of baby medicine on hand. Sometimes Tylenol is the only thing that brings a baby fever down, and I’m sure many of you Mama’s know how miserable a teething baby can be without Advil.

To recap; a safe and necessary shopping list for your baby: diapering needs, formula, baby food, and medicine.

Don’t Panic

I want to reiterate: panic is not your friend, and in many cases, neither is social media. It’s easy to call all of these toilet paper hoarders stupid, but that’s not the case. These people are afraid, and they don’t know what to do. Social media can be horrendous when it comes to spreading fear. Please don’t be the person who shares the horrific post without fact checking first. Lastly; please, Mama’s – stay calm and make a plan. Think about what you and your family truly need, and remember that everyone around you has their own needs as well.

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